Napoleon's death mask up for auction

Napoleon's death mask up for auction

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¿They knew that the great and eternal French myth has a death mask? One of these two masks that have been cataloged as originals, was in private hands until Wednesday the 19th it was sold for £ 169,250 (198,000 euros) in: Books, Maps and Manuscripts of Bomhams, England. Still, it is unknown who the buyer is.

As for the famous mask of the French general, it was carried out in 1821, two days after the death of the emperor on the island of Saint Helena, where he was exiled. It was made by Francis Burton, Surgeon of the 66th British Army Regiment.

The former companion of Napoleon in exile, his caretaker, Mrs. Bertrand, explained the difficulty of finding plaster on the remote Atlantic island. So the material was brought from a nearby island. But then the body of the great emperor had begun to decompose and at first Bertrand refused to let the Englishman, Burton, make the mask, but then the caretaker succumbed and agreed to the British to make the mask.

The mask was made in two sections: one, behind the head and the other from the eyebrows to the chin. The English surgeon checked the materials to make the mold of Napoleon's face, but the face stuck to the mold and was damaged, leaving only the back of the head intact. Burton, left the residence of the emperor and this was used by Bertrand to take the mold.

Shortly after, after the discovery of a gypsum fountain on the island, Bertrand recovered the idea of ​​making the death mask of the Corsican soldier and for this he had the help of the miniaturist Joseph William Rubidge, who drew and recreated missing parts and made the death mask.

Before Bertrand's departure from the island, a copy of the mask was given to the reverend there, Richard Boys. Who years later gave the mask to his daughter. It is then that we discover the identity of the seller of the mask, Andrew Boys, the great-great-great-grandson of Reverend Richard Boys.

The until now owner of the mask, explained that he “surprised" when "at a family funeral he learned that the object had been left to him”. It should be noted that in 2007, French experts published that another of the napoleon death masks, the one kept in the Army Museum in Paris, could be false.

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