They find remains of dogs more than 1,000 years old in Peru

They find remains of dogs more than 1,000 years old in Peru

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As explained by sources from the Lima Zoo “Park of Legends137 dogs have been found that could have lived more than a millennium ago, 62 of which were complete.

After the excavation, classification and cleaning of the remains, it has not been possible to know for sure if the animals had been used in some type of ceremony, but it is the theory that remains due to the remains found, explained the head of the Archaeological department of the place, Lucénida Carrión.

The reasons why such a hypothesis is considered are the funeral wrappings in which the animals were, close to other types of typical offerings of the Lima tradition developed from vegetable rope and reeds.

The veterinarian in charge of analyzing the remains has been Enrique Angulo, who has ensured that the ages of the dogs were varied and had some anomalies that will be studied in depth, whose process is laborious and lengthy. In addition, carbon dioxide dating will be done outside of Peru to make it more precise and accurate.

Highlights the importance of the find for the people of Lima, since this shows that the city has a millenary history in addition to providing great wisdom to the scientific community, said Lucénida Carrión, who placed special emphasis on the need for financial concessions to the project.

Lima, despite the lack of financial resources, has had a significant increase in scientific research in the branch of archeology, being able to find today more than 300 places that show that Lima has been inhabited by human beings for more than a thousand years.

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