Biography of Cardinal Cisneros (Francisco Jiménez)

Biography of Cardinal Cisneros (Francisco Jiménez)

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Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros (Torrelaguna, 1436 - Roa, 1517), born with the name Gonzalo, is one of the most prominent figures in the history of Spain and popularly known as "the third King", due to his strong influence on Isabel and Fernando, and on the general politics of the time.

Cardinal Cisneros

He became archbishop of Toledo, cardinal and confessor of Queen Isabel la Católica, in addition to regent of the Crown of Castile on two occasions.

He was trained in Salamanca and Rome, and later was Archpriest of Úceda (where he had several conflicts with the archbishop of Toledo at the time, Alfonso Carillo de Acuña and was imprisoned by him).

Later he entered the Order of the Franciscans, which will have a great influence on his life, since over time he became provincial of it and carried out an ambitious policy of renewal of the Order.

After spending several years confined in the convent of La Salceda, he began a meteoric career that led him to be a confessor of the Queen Isabel in 1492, Archbishop of Toledo in 1495 and in charge of Christianization in the recently conquered kingdom of Granada, from 1499.

There he carried out a tough policy, which was reflected in the discontent of the population and degenerated into a major rebellion in 1500, which ended up being dominated.

Cisneros: regent of Castile

After the death of Queen Elizabeth in 1504, the role of Cardinal Cisneros did not diminish.

He was regent of Castile in 1506 after the death of Felipe I the Fair until the return of Fernando the Catholic from Naples.

A year later he was appointed Cardinal and Major Inquisitor, and participated in the taking of Oran (1509).

The death of Fernando and the new regency of Cardinal Cisneros

In 1516 Ferdinand the Catholic died and Cisneros is regent again, awaiting the arrival of the new King Charles of Habsburg.

He died in Roa when he was on his way to receive the brand new monarch.

On the other hand Cardinal Cisneros was a renovator of religious life and a staunch defender of humanism.

In this sense, he promoted the creation of the University of Alcalá de Henares in 1499, which became one of the most important centers of knowledge in Europe at the time, imbued with this concept of renewal.

One of the major milestones of the new university was the Publication of the Complutense Polyglot Bible, in four languages, Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.

Graduated in History. A student of all of it, but even more of the Modern Age and the Hispanic Monarchy. Too many books for so little time.

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