The Historical Museum of Warsaw

The Historical Museum of Warsaw

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10 Places That All History Fans Must Visit In Warsaw

From a splendid 17th century capital to virtual annihilation during World War II, Warsaw has a rich but often tragic history. Stunning royal palaces stand in stark contrast to socialist blocks of flats and monuments to the thousands who fell during 20th century battles, creating a modern day city that is virtually unrivaled in the stories it tells about the past.

Museum of Warsaw

Found inside a collection of 11 Old Town tenements, this revamped museum's stored permanent collection (300,000 items total) consists of three new curated sections: The Things of Warsaw, Warsaw Data and The History of Tenement Houses. All museum items and exhibits are displayed over 21 thematic rooms. Every item has been carefully chosen and many played starring roles in the city's storied history also, the majority of the collection was gifted by the citizens of Warsaw after World War 2, hoping to preserve the cultural history of the city. Without doubt, there is plenty to see and enjoy. The very buildings the museum is located in are a sight to behold. Interestingly, despite severe damage during the war, many of the original aspects of the architecture remained intact and can be viewed during your visit. The museum is a truly amazing and kinaesthetic way of experiencing the events and understanding the processes that formed Warsaw as we know it today. Note, a ticket here also grants entry into the Praga District Museum, and if you're planning to visit all branches, then a combined ticket at 60/40zł can be purchased, allowing access to all within 7 days.

General Information

The Detroit Historical Museum is located in Detroit’s Cultural Center on Woodward Avenue.

5401 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202 CLICK HERE for a Google map and directions.
Phone: 313.833.1805

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The Detroit Historical Museum is open to the public! T he health and safety of our community and staff remain our highest priority. Learn more about how we're helping you visit safely here.
We are OPEN :
  • $ 10 for adults
  • $8for seniors, students, active military and first responders (with valid ID)
  • $6 for children
  • $35for a household (up to 6 adults and children with the same address)
  • FREE for Detroit Historical Society members & children under 6 years old

A Detroiter membership is available at no cost for residents of Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. Learn more and activate online here.

Due to capacity restrictions, a dvance ticket purchases are highly encouraged. Please note, however, that they are not required . W e will accommodate walk-in visitors as space is available .

Note that the last entry to the Detroit 67: Perspectives exhibit will be a half-hour prior to closing time.

CLOSED on Sunday, July 4.

Self-Guided Touring Policy:

Teachers and educators can utilize the Detroit Historical Museum as a teaching space by planning a self-guided tour.

To ensure a quality museum experience for all visitors, the Detroit Historical Museum requests that groups contact education staff in advance to schedule their visiting time at 313.833.1801 or [email protected] Requests are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

The Detroit Historical Museum reserves the right to refuse unscheduled self-guided groups larger than 30, based on daily tour capacity .

Price (includes general admission):


The Detroit Historical Society is committed to ensuring our museums are accessible and enjoyable for all visitors. Find complete accessibility information for the Detroit Historical Museum here .


**Kirby Street is currently closed at Woodward. You can enter our parking lot from Cass Ave.

The Detroit Historical Museum lot on Kirby St. (between Woodward and Cass Avenues) is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Parking rates are as follows:

Please note: When you pull into the museum lot, you will use the touchscreen kiosk to select "get a ticket" or use your credit card to enter. When you exit the lot, you will either insert your ticket or the credit card you used to enter (you must use the SAME card) to pay your parking fee.

The lost ticket rate is $10.

The lot is not intended for overnight stay. If a car enters in the evening and exits after 4 a.m. the next morning, they will be charged for two days, or $20.

An intercom is available 24/7 for any parking questions or difficulties.

Street parking is also available on Kirby and Cass.

More information about nearby parking is available via the Detroit Institute of Arts and Wayne State University.


The San Joaquin County Historical Museum reveals the rich heritage of the region, from the Miwok and Yokuts Indians, to the development of modern agriculture and to Charles Weber – the founder of Stockton and the first farmer in the area.

Nestled on 18-acres in beautiful Micke Grove Regional Park, the atmosphere and the charm of the Museum encourages friendly family outings, picnic lunches and strolls through our many exhibits and buildings while you gain valuable knowledge of the rich history of San Joaquin County.

The Museum offers educational experiences that showcase the county’s traditions of ingenuity, innovation, and invention – with emphasis on San Joaquin County’s singular contributions in agriculture – to promote community pride, continued learning, and an appreciation of regional history among County residents and visitors.

Visitor experience

We're excited to welcome you back to the Minnesota History Center! Learn about new health and safety protocols and additional information to help you plan your visit.


Visit exhibits that feature experiences for all ages — from active discovery for children, to timely cultural explorations that enrich your perspective.


The museum store features a wide selection of Minnesota-inspired products, gifts, jewelry, and books — including the full catalog of MNHS Press.


Whether your event is black-tie or casual, the History Center is a spectacular setting for your special celebration or corporate gathering.


The Gale Family Library is open for on-site research by appointment. Distance services are available.


Dining services are currently unavailable.

Minnesota History Center

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Funding provided by the State of Minnesota, the Legacy Amendment through the vote of Minnesotans on Nov. 4, 2008, and our generous donors and members.

The Oregon Historical Society is dedicated to making Oregon's long, rich history visible and accessible to all. For more than a century, the Oregon Historical Society has served as the state's collective memory, preserving a vast collection of artifacts, photographs, maps, manuscript materials, books, films, and oral histories. Our research library, museum, digital platform, educational programming, and historical journal make Oregon's history open and accessible to all. We exist because history is powerful, and because a history as deep and rich as Oregon's cannot be contained within a single story or point of view.

Contact Us

Oregon Historical Society
1200 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97205

Support OHS

The Oregon Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID 93-0391599.

Our Hours

Tuesday – Friday:
Noon – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Noon – 5pm
Closed Monday

Downtown reading room closed for renovation.



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Kosciusko CountyHistorical Society

It's our's what we do. We pride ourselves on continuing to dig deeper into our county's rich history.

Pound Store

In 1968 the society was given the Pound Store in Oswego as its first permanent location.

Chinworth Bridge

In 1975 the Chinworth Bridge was leased to the Kosciusko County Historical Society for 99 years.

Old County Jail

The current home of the Kosciusko County Historical Society is the Old Jail Museum in Warsaw.


Interested in your family's genealogy or curious about our county's history? Use our genealogy research library.

County Courthouse

The county’s best known historical landmark, due to its central location in both Kosciusko County and Warsaw.


Become a member and have access to our historical treasure trove all year around.

Become a Member!

Memberships are available for the Kosciusko County Historical Society. We’d love to invite you to purchase a membership with us and learn about our history!

The Earliest Collection

While the formal “museum” did not emerge until the 18th century, collections of objects resembling this seemingly modern phenomenon date back thousands of years.

In ancient Babylon, Princess Ennigaldi&mdashthe daughter of King Nabonidus, who ruled the Neo-Babylonian Empire in the 6th century BC&mdashcollected and even curated Mesopotamian artifacts with origins spanning 1,500 years.

Located in the ruins of Nabonidus' palace, this curious collection was discovered in 1925 by archaeologist Leonard Woolley. After noticing that the objects&mdashwhich ranged from inscribed clay tablets to figurative sculpture fragments&mdashwere organized and even labeled with notes on their provenance, he deduced that he had stumbled upon the world's oldest museum.

Watch the video: Museum of Warsaw, European Museum of the Year EMYA 2020 Nominee


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